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Speech Therapy For All Ages

Our goal is to provide a positive and nurturing environment for clients and families of all ages to enhance and develop lifelong valuable skills that will improve their quality of life and activities of daily living.
About Beyond Speech Therapy

Beyond Speech Therapy is an outpatient clinic providing Speech-Language Pathology and wellness services to pediatric, adolescent and adult clients.

Post-Graduate Credentials

All of our therapists have received a master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology in order to provide skilled communication and swallowing services.


Our entire staff aims to provide you with exceptional customer service and maintain the highest level of patient confidentiality throughout your experience at Beyond Speech Therapy.

Every Patient Matters

No patient is the same, which means no plan of care is the same! After thorough assessment, we diagnose and create unique goals based on our expertise, current research, and each patient’s specific needs.

Community Involvement

Beyond Speech Therapy really is more than “just” speech! We love being a part of the community through participation in neighborhood sports, donations to local charities, and our presence throughout San Luis Obispo County events.

We're hiring Speech-Language Pathologists!
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